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I miss these elements of the web so badly guys. I critically honestly have no idea what’s heading on in the NBA at the moment and it makes me really wants to smash that cricket (METAPHOR!!!!) Like I hear Allen Iverson just got exchanged to Beirut for $22 million and three packs of ice cream sandwiches? 

Why have I, the lover of the NBA and all the things that include it (be it shows, commercials, blogs, player websites, videos, player video lessons and snuff films), have neglected it so so much? Well, simply I have found this thing called Scientology. Look, it’s crazy, initial we discuss Thetans then we are able to jump of properties! It’s awesome! 

But nay. It’s because I’m doing work towards a true creative career that is more working off other folks and as much as i loved the times when I blogged every single day - this new course gets me going places (literally.. like, venturing out to crazy places with crazy people). Fundamentally partying on for some time. 

But also, it’s working towards something big, something called. Geeks Underground. It’s a fresh comedy web series I co-wrote and co-directed and co-manufactured and co-lost-tons-of-my-life over the summertime. 

It gets the furthest move to make with the NBA, but if you were ever a fan of the blog’s “humor” (the fifty percent of you still browsing from the last period I wrote considerably here) you might recognize it in the writting for the display. 

Because that was some crazy effort I must say i couldn’t split my time photoshoping cows into a Michael Redd dunk anymore. Just as simple mainly because that. 

But we’re in post-production now in order that “potentially” should release valuable television set watching time together with maybe pumping this baby up again. We’ll find. 

Until then, the 3 bunnies that remain scanning this thang: please check out the first episode: 

Make superior feedback and present it to the globe please.

Isis, Poulus… Whatever-sis: Greece vs. Group USA Live Blog

by thehype in international balloct 12th, 2017

Hi, sup? 

This is an excellent game already, I’m sorry I haven’t been around in ages. I’ve skipped you. Let’s receive settled. 7-6 US. 

Love Greece’s passing. Hence fluid and clever, no energy is wasted. 

You understand, even after 2 yrs, I can’t believe Greece has a black guy. When will the Chinese figure out how to adopt. 

Then again, American passes are simply cerebral, as an extension of one’s natural actions. 

17-14 US. Scharcanti-whatever can pound for pound meet Shaq’s buttocks. 

I’m actually pleased to see Wade’s dumbass flippy insance acrobats. Nice pass to Bosh. 

24-18… oh correct, dunking is allowed on this game… given that was an incredible dunk-save combo from Wade to Bryant. Accompanied by a Greek dunk, accompanied by Howard slam and LeBron flight. Yay 

Ooooh, Greece does TWO ass slaps. You really know what that means… 

Honestly, LeBron just must bulldoze his approach through everyone. Functions in construction, gets results in basketball, that’s my motto in life. 

It just hit me now… we've the tri-fect-ta to his Airness each and every one in one location. Bryant, James, Wade. They just simply all have crazy shit that was a slice of Jordan-ness. It’s exactly like Dragonball when that one dude and the other dude formed to be another dude. YEAH I WENT THERE. 

Wade’s balling, two wonderful drives 36-26 

Ugh… Paul Romandick on TSN just said “alright, let’s just dumb it downwards for folks that don’t look at basketball…” Dude, what makes you imagine they’re watching now? 

38-30, just a couple of runs til the united states just breaks this baby up. Nice to check out Kobe shot a real 3 

Yeah, that’s about any of it, 46-30 immediately after a trap and a 10, 10, 9 landing for LeBron (fucking Russian judges however again…) 

Okay, that was first fun… went to take a very long breakfast break - probably didn’t miss many. I’ll become around soon enough. Peace and love. 

A (Bruce) Banner Year

by thehype in 2017 Finals, boston celtics, los angelas lakersnov 11th, 2017

Sooo, that happened. I’m virtually all impressed with Rondo’s buddha-like emotions. Extremely interesting since the other guys’ coach is supposed to become the zen dude. 

Here’s the offer: I honestly simply watched equipment of each game throughout the entire playoffs. Unfortunately I know. As the one that found bblogging (basketball-blogging-yeah, just do it, use it, I understand you’re likely to steal it in any case) an amazing store for everything that I resided for, it is somewhat of a Debbie Downer never to be as regular as possible. 

But hey, I was hardly the first someone to declare the above words. Alas, I will not say the words which some may believe would follow earlier words. Those will be them’s awkward “goodbye web log” words. 

NAY. Not I. 

I’m simply saying, through blogging, even so infrequently I did, I loved it. Especially because of the way I exploded my head all over an Net space-something I’ve always wished to do since Windows 3.1. It turns out it was just the beginning of an environment of opportunities. I will continually be around some way, don’t fret. But just as you might see, evolution is arriving and Darwin is usually pissed. Hold out, be patience and items will come to be banging from my front side I Al(SWEAR)engen. 

Very much love and respect. 

KG, Jesus and Person That I BELIEVE Is A GENUINE Baller’s Baller: that was first an incredible season and go. Super fun to view and you enjoyed it up without having to be the Spurs. 

PS: Kobe could make diamonds with his mind.

Dear Jeff Van Gundy

by thehype in 2017 finalsnov 11th, 2017

Oh the quantity of ways you mean if you ask me. 

You use and get INHISFACE to Mark Jackson everytime you get. 

You make fun of ABC promos like they’re the shitiest thing you’ve heard (they are) 

You breakdown what works and what doesn’t in the court. 

You are freaking funny. 

And you sir, if merged with Hubie Brown, would dominate the environment and Obama might fear you forever. 

Bless you J. V. Gun! 

PS: you imply that much to me that posting this odd man-love content trumped my 2 time weblog anniversary. Happy b-evening to TheHype!