Vaguely Cognizant APPLYING FOR GRANTS Boston/Lakers, Life, And Time Travelling Bunnies

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Here’s a concept: there must be a pill which allows one to fall back to sleep easily if they are just dealing with earlier three nights of a summer cold. Also. It’s known as ‘ambient’ or some shit and I hear it causes erections that last prolonged enough which means you need to contact a doctor for advice.

Sorry about that. You understand when you’re daydreaming? This is sorta what it’s like. After all, for the longest period I thought Kobe wouldn't normally ever return back to the Finals. Ever. Certainly not that I've anything against the man-but when he previously a backup mate of Smush Parker for some years, my faith is obviously deterred.

Same goes for KG. He was said to be bound in Timberwolf purgatory, becoming that superb legend that is whispered through the entire nation to be god-like theoretically only. A Kobe-KG showdown? With Jesus and Real truth using one end and Lamarr Odom and a Spaniard beard on the different? Nay. Tis can't be, I have to be daydreaming.

Since the playoffs began the dream scenario was to have a Lakers/Bostons finale. It brings again memories (which I wasn’t a) born yet, b) possibly in the continent at the time) that might give America the wish of change.

Man, it’s as a result rainy outside at 6AM on a Saturday right now.

Okay, thus there’s another cause to daydream. It’s not only to get our minds to a location where we can experiment, but it’s also a period when impossibilities are vanquished. You can basically morph your destiny. Stuff happen for grounds in true to life, but our reasoning could make real issues happen in dreamland. When those ideas collide and you get yourself a formulation of a finish end result that you dreamed for and is happening the truth is for sensible causes, I flippin flip out.

None of the in this article made any impression. I’m sorry. Heading on 3 hours of sleep here. Probably I will wrap this up.

LOST will be forever my favorite show to combine several clever artsy and smudged science fiction crap. Going a whole island? To where? Is Jacob the island? Does Ewan McGregor have anything to do with this?

What’s great about this year’s 2008 NBA Finals is the promise of all you hoped would happen but feared to embrace. You good sense it to be a joy but the learning anticipation scares you. I can’t keep from not taking into consideration the impending doom of everything even though I should come to be cherishing it, even as it’s going on before your eyes.

It’s something I’m working on. The thought of accepting all that's good right now rather than wish for it to be better or pray that it should go inevitably bad.

Uhhh, I wanna head to sleep… 

See You In The '18 Finals Spurs

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Sure it may well have been a foul, and Duncan might’ve travelled as a result let’s just say the NBA officiating is what it really is. I’ve stopped thinking about how they should switch the refs or ways in which they might be more consistent. Simple truth is, it'll never be perfect. 

Possessed the foul been called, the ensuing argument could very well been that Fisher jumped up and also avoided Barry. Perception is usually a bitch. 

Anyways, I’m only glad the Spurs at least continued their streak of hardly ever winning the whole time in a straight year. Would’ve smudged my Feng Shui.

I just got home, after doing a bunch of stuff one half sober from the previous night’s bbq/Guitar Hero/Rock Band fest and understanding that We don’t have The Score (Canada’s indy sports activities network) - We felt kinda sad-faced emoticoned. 

But what’s this? TNT includes a web page that rips stuff up to several degrees? This issue is genius, despite the fact that I arrived to this being unsure of the score, and I've no thought who’s winning. It very seriously is the better thing ever. It offers you a raw sense to seeing a live broadcast that seems pure (ie. no instant replays, not really incessant rambling from Doug Collins about his previous evening(s) with JORDAN punking him just like a bitch.) 

Man, I desire everyone have this. Like seriously, what if Television shows had alternate position feeds as your enjoying it? SEE TONIGHT’S GHOST WHISPERER WITH THE GOD CAM!!!!!