Google Digital Garage Exam Module 11 Answers – Help People Nearby Find You Online

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About the Module – Help People Nearby Find You Online

Reaching customers who live close to a store is relatively easy with the help of search engines, local directories, and social networks. 

Take advantage of that unique opportunity by mastering local advertising, mobile marketing, and more.

  • Module: 11/26 – Help People Nearby Find You Online
  • Question – 6 ( 3 skippable and 3 non skippable)
  • Time – N/A
  • Passing Marks – It is necessary that all answers are correct in order to move on to the next module.

Google Digital Garage  Module 11 Answers – Check Your Knowledge – (Skippable)

The following questions can be skipped, but you can also answer them if you’re interested since they relate to the sessions you watched. All the correct answers are below as follows:

Q.1Esmeralda Runs A Local Bike Shop. If She Advertises Her Shop Using The Internet, Esmeralda Could Reach People In Many Different Countries. But She Doesn’t Want To Do That. She Wants To Target Her Online Ads To Local Customers. How Can She Do This Effectively?

  • (A) Show ads to people within 10 miles of her shop
  • (B) Display the ad during the shop’s opening hours
  • (C) Tailor her ads for people who live locally
  • (D) Hand out flyers and business cards to local shops

Lesson 2 – Reaching Locals On Their Mobiles Answers

Q.2 Esmeralda Runs A Local Bike Shop. She Knows A Lot Of Her Customers Use Smartphones With GPS, So She Invested In A Mobile App That Can Utilise This Technology. She Has A Couple Of Ideas on How To Use The App To Engage Her Customers. Can You Remove The Ideas That Do Not Need GPS?

  • (A) Send sales alerts when customers are near the shop
  • (B) Notify people of promotional events like a free tune-up
  • (C) Direct customers to Esmeralda’s shop
  • (D) Send personalized coupons to repeat customers
  • (E) Let customers schedule appointments for repairs

Lesson 3 – SEO For Local Businesses Answers

Q.3Esmeralda Owns A Bike Shop And Wants To Make Her Website Interesting For Local Customers. She’s Currently Planning Blog Content That Will Help Her Show Up On Searches For Local Shops. She’s Had An Idea For A Post About Famous Cyclists And One About Popular Bike Trails In The Area. Which One Do You Think Esmeralda Should Start With?

  • (1) Post about famous cyclists
  • (2) Post about popular bike trails in the area

Google Digital Garage Module 11 Quiz Answers

Q.1 – Which of the following factors help search engines determine if your business is local?

  • (A) Location details on the website, quality content, and how mobile-friendly the website is
  • (B) Location details on the website, list of shops local to you, and a contact form
  • (C) Quality content, list of local suppliers, and location details
  • (D) Location GPS tags on photos, quality content, and how mobile-friendly the website is

Q.2 – When looking to attract a local audience, why it is important to optimize your website and content for mobile users?

  • (A) Because local users tend to use their mobile devices when they’re out of the house
  • (B) Because mobiles will replace desktop computers
  • (C) Because all online users browse on mobile devices these days
  • (D) Because marketing for mobile is more cost-effective

Q.3 – Which of the following can help you gain visibility in search engines?

  • (A) Adding relevant content that highlights the location of your business
  • (B) Including your address on your Twitter account
  • (C) Optimising your site for desktop devices only
  • (D) Adding a list of shops local to you on your website

The following are the skippable and non-skippable answers of Google Digital Garage Module 11. You can answer them, but remember only bold choices are correct and the rest are incorrect.

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