Google Digital Garage Module 22 Answers – Find Success With Analytics

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About the Module – Find Success With Analytics

The analytic tools provide loads of data, but they don’t always provide the answers. Learn a little bit more about web analytics, and you’ll soon be able to optimize organic search, analyze SEM data, and create intelligent segmentation strategies.

  • Module: 22/26 – Find Success With Analytics
  • Question – 6 ( 3 skippable and 3 non skippable)
  • Time – N/A
  • Passing Marks – It is necessary that all answers are correct in order to move on to the next module.

Google Digital Garage  Module 22 Answers – Check Your Knowledge – (Skippable)

The following questions can be skipped, but you can also answer them if you’re interested since they relate to the sessions you watched. All the correct answers are below as follows:

Q.1 – Linda Runs A Guesthouse. She Wants To Use Analytics To Measure Traffic Coming To Her Website From Organic Search Results. What Can She Learn From Analytics Reports?

  • (A) Which search engines visitors use
  • (B) How traffic is trending over time
  • (C) How relevant the content is for keywords
  • (D) How many visitors are using mobile devices

Lesson 2 – Tools To Measure SEM

Q.2 – Linda Owns A Guesthouse And Has A Website Where Customers Can Book And Pay For Rooms In Advance. Linda Uses SEM To Create Targeted Ads For Her Rooms. She’s Now Looking At The Analytics Data For The Different Ad Campaigns She Runs. Take A Look At The Analytics Data For The Three Campaigns. Which One Campaign Is Performing Least Well?

  • (A) Cosy guesthouse in Guildford town center Get away from it all in a relaxed setting Book a room today!

(478 clicks 6% conversion rate)

  • (B) Family-friendly guesthouse Lots to do nearby Come and see what we have to offer!

(830 clicks 2% conversion rate)

  • (C) Romantic guesthouse getaway in Guildford Plan a special trip with your loved one Book online now!

(630 clicks 4% conversion rate)

Lesson 3 – Breaking Down Your Data For Insights

Q.3 – Linda Runs A Successful Guesthouse In The Centre Of Guildford. She Promotes The Guesthouse Online And Has A Website Where Customers Can Book And Pay For Rooms In Advance. Linda Wants To Use Segmentation To Break Down Her Analytics Data. What Information About The Visitors Can She Gather By Using This?

  • (A) Devices used
  • (B) The visitor’s city
  • (C) The visitor’s country
  • (D) The number of clicks on a page

Google Digital Garage Module 22 Quiz Answers

Q.1 – Most web analytics tools can tell you what information about the user?

  • (A) Their contact details, their behavior, and their operating system
  • (B) Their location, type of device they’re using and pages visited
  • (C) Their location, type of device they’re using and contact details
  • (D) Their interests, when they delete their browser cookies and their location

Q.2 – Fill in the blank: If an ad is not performing well, one effective tactic is to _____________.

  • (A) Try a different search engine
  • (B) Tweak the ad’s copy and analyze the results
  • (C) Hire a professional ad agency
  • (D) Delete the ad and try again

Q.3 – Which section of Google Analytics can tell you whether visitors have found your website via social media?

  • (A) Site search
  • (B) Acquisition
  • (C) Behaviour
  • (D) Search Console

The following are the skippable and non-skippable answers of Google Digital Garage Module 22. You can answer them, but remember only bold choices are correct and the rest are incorrect.

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