Google Digital Garage Module 26 Answers – Expand Internationally

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About the Module – Expand Internationally

Are you ready to make the jump to the global market? 

Before launching products or services to international audiences, ensure you have the technical infrastructure and know the difference between translation and localization. 

As soon as you have a solid set-up, consider advertising across borders so that your marketing messages will reach the right people, wherever they are. This is covered in the session, so be sure to watch carefully.

  • Module: 26/26 – Expand Internationally
  • Question – 14 ( 7 skippable and 7 non skippable)
  • Time – N/A
  • Passing Marks – It is necessary that all answers are correct in order to move on to the next module.

Google Digital Garage  Module 26 Answers – Check Your Knowledge – (Skippable)

The following questions can be skipped, but you can also answer them if you’re interested since they relate to the sessions you watched. All the correct answers are below as follows:

Lesson 1 – Introduction To International Marketing And Export

Q.1 – Matt Runs An Online Vintage Record Store In The UK. He Wants To Expand Into New Markets, But Doesn’t Know Where To Begin. What Tools Can Help Him Choose His New Market?

  • (A) Market insight tools
  • (B) Search trends by location
  • (C) Translation services

Lesson 2 – Validating Your New Market

Q.2 – Matt Has Found Out There’s A Growing Market For Vintage Records In Portugal. He Now Needs To Identify Insights On His New Audience Using A Variety Of Tools. Can You Help Him Match The Correct Tool With Its Corresponding Insight?

(1) High search traffic on vintage record terms from Portugal

  • (A) Google Keyword Planner
  • (B) Google Analytics
  • (C) Google Market Finder

(2) Low competition on search ads in Portugal

  • (A) Google Keyword Planner
  • (B) Google Analytics
  • (C) Google Market Finder

(3) People in Portugal are looking at his website

  • (A) Google Keyword Planner
  • (B) Google Analytics
  • (C) Google Market Finder

Lesson 3 – Being Understood Abroad

Q.3 – Matt Needs To Make Sure His Website Is Suitable For His Portuguese Customers. He’s Made A List Of Translation And Localisation Tasks. Which Items On His List Relate To Localisation?

  • (A) Adjusting colloquialisms so they make sense in Portuguese
  • (B) Adding his UK office’s address to the main site
  • (C) Calculating prices of the products in local currency.
  • (D) Adjusting humourous product descriptions so they make sense in Portuguese

Lesson 4 – Advertise Across Borders

Q.4 – Matt’s Chosen His Market, Now It’s Time To Find New Customers. He Has A Few Ideas, But Not All Of Them Will Reach His Portuguese Audience. Can You Help Him Choose His Best Advertising Ideas?

  • (A) Advertise on Portuguese music websites
  • (B) Send English emails to current UK customers
  • (C) Use search ads driven by translated search terms
  • (D) Set up a Portuguese fan page for his store

Lesson 5 – The Support Systems You Will Need

Q.5 – Portugal Seems Like A Good Market For Matt To Move Into. He’s Looked Into The Legal Requirements Of Trading Records In Portugal And Is Pleased To Find There Aren’t Any. But What Other Financial Or Regulatory Requirements Should He Check?

  • (A) Custom duties and tariffs
  • (B) Portuguese taxes
  • (C) Exchange rates
  • (D) National holidays
  • (E) Product safety requirements
  • (F) Insurance cover

Lesson 6 – Helping Customers Abroad Buy Your Products

Q.6 – Matt’s Found Out That Portugal Has Fast Internet Speeds, Which Is Great For Accessing His Website. What Things Will Matt Definitely Need To Do Now He Has Customers In A New Market?

  • (A) Use an international payment system
  • (B) Research the Portuguese music scene
  • (C) Visit Portugal frequently
  • (D) Use an automated translation service
  • (E) Learn to speak Portuguese
  • (F) Check his site from an international point of view

Lesson 7 – Delivering To Customers Across The Globe

Q.7 – Matt’s Getting Ready To Sell His Vintage Records To Portuguese Customers Online. But There’s One Unhelpful Task On His To-Do List. Can You Cross It Out For Him?

  • (A) Research label requirements for international shipping
  • (B) Set up a few Portuguese social media accounts
  • (C) Choose an international shipping partner
  • (D) Set up customer service for international orders

Google Digital Garage Module 26 Quiz Answers

Q.1 – What is the best way to translate the content on your website for a new market?

  • (A) Google translate
  • (B) Native speakers
  • (C) Translation software
  • (D) Language guide

Q.2 – Before starting to promote products to other countries online, what could you use to gauge demand for your product in that specific market?

  • (A) Translation software
  • (B) Keyword planning tools
  • (C) Interviews with people from that country
  • (D) A range of search ads in different countries

Q.3 – When adapting your website for customers who speak a different language, what should you do?

  • (A) Have a ‘translate’ button that pulls a translation from an external provider
  • (B) Translate your content with consideration to particular words and phrases
  • (C) Translate your content directly, word for word
  • (D) Localise the name of the business owners

Q.4 – Which of the following is primarily meant to target new customers online?

  • (A) Email marketing
  • (B) Print advertising
  • (C) Retargeting advertising
  • (D) Search advertising

Q.5 – What should a business do first, when considering going into a new market?

  • (A) Hire an agency to translate its website into the local language
  • (B) Open a new office in the capital city
  • (C) Determine its ability to deliver products and review all tax and legal information
  • (D) Invest in major ad campaigns to raise brand awareness

Q.6 – When selling to people in different countries, what payment form should you consider using if you aren’t already?

  • (A) Debit cards
  • (B) Credit cards
  • (C) Paypal or Worldpay
  • (D) Bank transfers

Q.7 – Which of the following options is important to research when planning to expand the delivery of products and services to customers across the globe?

  • (A) What times of the day international shoppers are online
  • (B) The legal and tax considerations in that market
  • (C) Which social channels are popular in that market
  • (D) Which couriers offer the cheapest services for global shipping

The following are the skippable and non-skippable answers of Google Digital Garage Module 26. You can answer them, but remember only bold choices are correct and the rest are incorrect.

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