Google Digital Garage Module 3 Answers – Build Your Web Presence

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About the Module – Build Your Web Presence

Nearly half of the world’s population is online today, making our world a digital one. Digital marketing makes sense for businesses since so many people are using the internet, and day by day it is increasing.

Check out what online opportunities exist and how videos, social media, or a website could allow you to achieve your goals.

  • Module: 3/26 – Build Your Web Presence
  • Question – 12 ( 6 skippable and 6 non skippable)
  • Time – N/A
  • Passing Marks – It is necessary that all answers are correct in order to move on to the next module.

Google Digital Garage  Module 3 Answers – Check Your Knowledge – (Skippable)

The following questions can be skipped, but you can also answer them if you’re interested since they relate to the sessions you watched. All the correct answers are below as follows:

Lesson 1 – Choosing Your Online Presence Answers

Q.1 – Addie Runs A Local Bakery. After Getting The Business Up And Running Over The Last Six Months, She’s Now Ready To Create A Digital Presence. What Do You Think Addie Should Set Up First: A Social Media Profile Or A Mobile App?

  • (1) Social Media Profile
  • (2) Mobile App

Lesson 2 – How Websites Work Answers

Q.2 – Addie Is Investigating How To Create Business Websites For Her Local Bakery Business. She’s Trying To Get Her Head Around How Websites Work. How Good Is Your Tech Knowledge? Can You Check The Facts For Addie?

Q.1 – An IP address is made up of a string of numbers that can be located by any device connected to the internet.

  • (A) True
  • (B) False

Q.2 – A browser figures out where online content is hosted and displays it to the user.

  • (A) True
  • (B) False

Q.3 – Every website is hosted on a server.

  • (A) True
  • (B) False

Q.4 – When users navigate to a website it is known as ‘hosting’.

  • (A) True
  • (B) False

Lesson 3 – Key Website Ingredients Answers

Q.3 – Addie Owns The Knead To Know Bakery And Has Decided To Open A Website. But First She Needs To Choose A Domain Name. Take A Look At Her Ideas And Select The Best Domain Name By Crossing Off The Rest.

  • (A)
  • (B)
  • (C)
  • (D)
  • (E)

Lesson 4 – Websites And Your Business Goals Answers

Q.4 – Addie Is Drafting A Description For The About Us Page Of Her Bakery Website. Which Do You Think Works Best?

  • (A) Our business is driven by your vision and objective – to commit to sustainable, local produce that engages with and builds community spirit.
  • (B) Love cake? So do we. Here at Knead to Know Bakery we have a passion and reputation for creating the most delicious cookies, cakes and bread.
  • (C) We are the best bakers in town. Just like that!

Lesson 5 – Make Your Website Easy To Use Answers

Q.5 – Addie Wants To Make Her Website Easy To Navigate. Which Of The Following Features Should Addie Include On Every Page Of Her Website?

  • (A) Side Menu
  • (B) About Us information
  • (C) Bakery logo leading to homepage
  • (D) Search field

Lesson 6 – Website Design Do’s And Don’ts Answers

Q.6 – To Make The Homepage Of Her Local Bakery Website Interesting, Addie Wants To Add Some Media Elements To It. Different Elements Will Cause The Page To Take Longer To Load, So She Needs To Get The Right Mix For The Site. Can You Put The Following Elements In Order From The Ones With The Longest Load Time To The Shortest?

The Correct Order is:

  • (1) 2 minute HD advertising video for the bakery
  • (2) Large high res, full screen background image
  • (3) 20 second explainer animation
  • (4) Low res compressed thumbnail image
  • (5) Twitter button that links out to Twitter page.
  • (6) Text descriptions.

Google Digital Garage Module 3 Quiz Answers (non-skippable)

Q.1 – Which of the following statements is true when it comes to developing a web presence for a business?

  • (A) Customers can learn about a business by downloading a mobile app, but they can’t place an order using an app
  • (B) Building a new website requires a large budget
  • (C) Mobile apps enable your customers to purchase your products without being on your website
  • (D) All businesses must have a website to sell products

Q.2 – What is a web server?

  • (A) The customer service representative you can call when you have questions about your website
  • (B) The answer you get when you search a term on the web
  • (C) A computer connected to the Internet with software that allows it to host all the components of your website
  • (D) The device that determines the speed of your mobile connection

Q.3 – Fill in the blank: A __________ is a shortcut to other pages on your site or elsewhere on the web.

  • (A) Hyperlink
  • (B) Return link
  • (C) Menu bar
  • (D) Breadcrumb

Q.4 – Which of the following is something you’ll probably want to exclude from your website?

  • (A) Prices
  • (B) A lot of deep scientific information and detailed statistics
  • (C) Special offers
  • (D) Certifications to show you’re qualified to provide a service

Q.5 – Which of the following is an example of a ‘call to action’ on a website?

  • (A) A list of phone numbers customers can use to get in contact with you
  • (B) A ‘Get directions to our store’ button which when clicked, redirects to a map displaying directions to the store based on the customer’s current address
  • (C) An icon button that takes the customer to your social media accounts
  • (D) A hotline phone number that helps users complete their purchases

Q.6 – What should you consider when developing your website content?

  • (A) What your customers are looking for
  • (B) Your latest promotions and discounts
  • (C) Your brand values
  • (D) Whether the content will go viral or not

The following are the skippable and non-skippable answers of Google Digital Garage Module 3. You can answer them, but remember only bold choices are correct and the rest are incorrect.

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